If you’ve had chicken pox in the past, you’re at risk of getting shingles throughout your life.  The chicken pox virus is called varicella-zoster and if you’ve had chicken pox, this virus stays in your system and can resurface and present itself as shingles later in life.  Most commonly, the virus occurs in those [...]


Seasonal Allergies


Seasonal allergies can be bothersome and frustrating for many, especially those who like to spend time outside.

Seasonal Allergies2023-05-08T14:12:29-02:30

Prenatal Supplements


If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, congratulations! This can be an exciting time in your life, and you definitely have a lot on your mind. You’ve probably thought of everything, from a new nursery and tiny clothes to changing dirty diapers and sleepless nights.  Something you may not have thought about are [...]

Prenatal Supplements2023-05-08T14:14:14-02:30
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